We are Johnston's American Bulldogs, a small family breeding American Bulldogs occasionally in our home, we are not a kennel . Our purpose is to continue the excellent bloodline and maintain the American Bulldog standards  to give people a loving, loyal companion for their family. Our bloodline has proven to be large, sound bone structured dogs that are exceptional, confident loving temperaments.  Our pups are noted as alert, inquisitive and fearless that is socialized and loving to other pets and children. Our dogs are agile, athletic, energetic, strong American Bulldogs.  Our impressive pedigree includes foundation dogs as Johnson's Dick the Bruiser, Johnson's Mac the Masher, Johnson' Incredible Mean Machine and Johnson's Collette 50, also Boyd's Smashing Pumpkin, Dailey's Tug O'War, Johnson's Red Machine, to name a few. We are honored and excited to continue this impressive bloodlines, to strive in very selective breeding to continue the standards of the founding fore-fathers,  Mr. J D Johnson and Mr. Scott, who  produced  this  American Bulldog breed,  for our families enjoyment of strong, affectionate family dogs. I want to commend all the individuals who have worked diligently to build this bloodline. It has taken numerous hours, dedication, discipline and a great deal of money to compete at this level, so that we can enjoy the best American Bulldogs possible. Check out the championship pedigree's on each of my dogs. It is an honor to carry on the bloodline of these amazing American Bulldogs and their many achievements. Our dogs are line bred from our carefully selected bloodlines, including many championships, and N.K.C Dog of the year wins.
 of dedicated American Bulldog breeders, also keeping in mind of the type of loyal family type dog to bring years of love and fun for families.
We socialize our dogs with family, resulting in great temperaments and superior protectors. We have our dogs in our home,  in the country setting with lots of room to run and play, not in kennels. They are very much a part of our family. We take them with us for our family trips,  for fun and camping.  We strive to produce a healthy, muscular, champion bloodline for families to enjoy for many years. Socialization is important and we start on all of our puppies from the beginning, they are born in our home with us. They continue to interact with our family on a daily basis until they leave for their new homes. American Bulldogs should NEVER be chained or tied and ignored. Please research this breed before choosing one as your companion, if trained and socialized properly, the American Bulldog will bring you a great friendship with a tremendous amount of love and loyalty.  Please research before choosing,  re-homing is painful and traumatic to the family and more importantly to the dog. They do not understand and readjustment  can be difficult.   Your choice should be lifelong.